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Once this form has been completed, our staff will contact you and go over the dues and fees when joining NMAR. For more information on Dues & Fees, Click Here for our FAQ page and scroll down until you get to the appropriate location.  

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REALTOR® Member Types:

  • Primary REALTOR® Membership: You are a brand-new licensee applying for Primary REALTOR® membership OR you are transferring your existing Primary REALTOR® Membership to NMAR. As a Primary REALTOR® member, you will pay your REALTOR® dues (local, state, national) with NMAR. You will receive full membership benefits from NMAR.
  • Secondary REALTOR® In-State Membership: You are currently a member of another REALTOR® Association in the state of Montana and you want to join NMAR as a Secondary REALTOR® member. You will receive full NMAR membership benefits, but you will continue to pay your national and state dues through your Primary REALTOR® Association. You will only be required to pay NMAR's local dues and fees annually.
  • Secondary REALTOR® Out-of-State Membership: You are currently a member of a REALTOR® Association outside of Montana and you want to join NMAR as a secondary REALTOR® member. You will receive full NMAR membership benefits. You will be paying local and state dues annually. You will continue to pay your national dues with your Primary REALTOR® Association.

NMAR staff will then send you an email with the link to our REALTOR® Application. If you are using a gmail account, you will need to check all of your folders for the application as it might not end up in your Primary email box. 

Thank you and we look forward to having you as an NMAR Member.

This form will be processed in the order that it was received. Once form has been received, it may take up to three (3) business days to be processed.

If you have any questions, please call NMAR staff at 406-752-4313 or ext 2

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